Bethany Lutheran Brethren Church
Staten Island, NY
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Youth Group

Bethany Youth Group



Fridays, 7:30-11:00pm (September through June)
Every other Thursday, 6:30-10:00pm (July & August)

Bethany Youth Group (BYG) is for students from 7th through 12th grade. When these students meet, they begin with games such as volleyball, basketball, gaga ball, foosball, ping pong, and hacky sack. Random footballs and frisbees often make the rounds. These activities are followed by a time of announcements, skits, and worship with their very own BYG worship band made up of both leaders and students. The group then participates in some “Minute to Win It” games and group games before they break up into small groups to spend time gaining a better understanding of God’s Word and to connect with one another. The Bethany Youth Group also has monthly activities including a Kick Off night, Worship Night, Christmas Banquet, and Lock-In. They take trips to a Corn Maze, iPlay, and Great Adventure. They also attend a Winter Weekend retreat every year at Tuscarora.

The Bethany Youth Group is led by a youth ministry dream team including Jeanine McCann, Cari Mohlenhoff, Tom Tellefsen, Lisa DeCarlo, Luis Lopez, and Jaime Massara. Although they work well as a team, they have differing opinions. For example, when asked where to go for the best pizza and what they wanted to be when they grew up when they were kids, here were their answers: Cari prefers Deninos and wanted to be an actress and author/illustrator of children’s books. Lisa stayed true to her Brooklyn roots, and went with L&B pizza and wanted to be a mechanic, a butcher, or a nurse. Jaime agrees with Cari and recommends Deninos and she dreamed of being a crossing guard. Tom brought it back to Brooklyn with Jentana’s Pizza and never knew what he wanted to be growing up. Luis prefers some place called Franks and Romeos and has stayed true to his childhood dream of being an architect. Jeanine will stand strong voting for Brother’s Pizza as by far the best, and she dreamed of being an FBI agent or a dancer on Broadway. No matter where they eat pizza, these leaders all serve the Bethany Youth Group by presenting the Gospel in such a way that the teens can’t get enough of it.


Check out BYG on instagram:  @bethanyyouthgroup